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What a challenging time to be in business. Of any kind, really. In a time where jobs and
revenues drop overnight, sometimes it's hard to justify spending big bucks on graphic design
and over-the-top creative... especially if it's your company's bottom line that you risk in the process. We can relate.

If you're looking for the highest quality graphic design services and responsive, reliable service
and support — all at an affordable price — you're in the right place.

Kathryn Grill Graphic Design is a small, woman-owned graphic design studio that excels in
finding the right design solutions to fit your company's unique needs. We specialize in
finding innovative and impactful design solutions that will provide as much mileage and
flexibility as possible in today’s challenging economy and stretched budgets. We partner with
you to support your efforts and help you meet your specific goals, whether you're a
one-person start-up or a Federal office with national visibility.

We can effectively reach many different audiences — local or national — because we have
designed effective, intelligent communications for both markets (and all markets in between.)

Please browse our information, and don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience… we're anxious to learn about your unique design goals, and we welcome all inquiries.

Thanks for visiting.



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