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We specialize in finding innovative and impactful design solutions that will provide as much mileage and flexibility as possible in today’s challenging economy and stretched budgets. We’ll partner with you to support your efforts and help you meet your specific communications goals. We strive to fully understand your priorities and goals for each of your design needs, and we are dedicated to working closely with you to deliver a smart and functional solution. We arrive at design treatments that not only address immediate needs, but also develop multiple roles for a design in order to grow the value of your already-established identity, as well as preserve the economy of your budget. We work diligently to build and maintain the strength of your brand, and will help you find new avenues of flexibility within the structure of your branding guidelines to broaden your reach. With KGGD you can expect the most skillful design executions, as well as the highest degree of technical expertise to assure smooth production of even the most mechanically-challenging of projects. We are pleased to offer a full host of design services for print, web, outdoor, trade shows and exhibits, apparel, and various multimedia for broadcast.

Kathryn has been a great help in meeting our design needs; her designs are fresh, inspired, and attention-getting. She is the essence of a true professional, and I think she can help just about anyone, anywhere.
— Joseph Ney, Reingold, Inc.

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